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The Magic Flute

Dream, December 20, 2005
Roger Echo-Hawk

It was yesterday I heard the news
from my mother and this morning

Bryce had a big truck like a bus.
The brakes squealed and he said
Well, well have to get that fixed.
Always kind, he let me maneuver
the vehicle into position. I got out
to fiddle with a mechanism
lying on the ground, while Bryce
drove the truck over an embankment
to park it near a building. A group
of ten or fifteen people
had gathered in the building
some of our relatives among them
cousins & siblings. Bryce stood
among them and he softly played
a long flute as the people quietly
discussed a serious matter. I
sat nearby, but I couldnt hear
what they said, murmuring. Bryce
pointed the end of the flute at me
and he blew a gentle stream of air
to get my attention. When I looked up
he gave an amiable little nod at me
as if to say, These folks are too solemn
for us, lets go have a cigarette. I
smiled and stepped outside and waited.
Getting out a pack of cigarettes
I decided they were too old to smoke.
In a moment Id walk next door
to the store to get new ones
and maybe some M&Ms for our trip.
I waited, but Bryce had gotten distracted
by another important matter. Soon

I awoke. Bryce had seemed very
happy in this dream. This
was his way of saying
hes okay now.


For Bryce Wildcat