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Ten Poems By Tootz

Today I am Thirty

A child gawky and scared.
Puny and tousled head
Stockings and ribbons gay
Were the style of the day

Then one sees a growing girl
Caught in the maddening whirl
Finishing the town grade school
Where they teach the golden rule

Adolescent time draws nigh
My Ė how time does fly
Soon Iíll have my span of years
Bathed in sunshine and sad tears

A woman happy Ė then sad
Some times good, some times bad
A woman thankful, indeed.
To have good friends Ė in need

Today I am thirty and wise
Thirty! Young maturity sighs
Thirty seems so old Ė so dear
The turning point is here.

Thirty is the prime of life
Time to overcome all strife
After all is said and done
Thirty is so very young.


When It's Time for Lights Out

When itís time for lights out
Children have all said goodnight.
Seems like the nights silence shouts
Is everyone all right?

Now is the time you rest
Lay your cares aside.


Tired Shoes

When all is quiet and asleep
I take a look around
The family is in slumber deep
And no one makes a sound.

And then whatís this I find
A bunch of tired shoes I see
It seems they just donít mind
Where their shoes will be

One reposes by the radio
It seems very fast asleep
It seems it cannot go
For itís all over in a heap

Some are scattered in the hall
They are black, brown, and dun
These tired shoes so very small
I love and treasure every one.


The Cactus

A cactus in a lonely spot,
On pleasure bent one day,
Pulled up his roots from out the sand
And slowly walked away.
He visited his cactus friends
And thought his journey fine;
So he kept on traveling
Now, heís a porcupine!



Sometimes I wonder why
I miss you so
Sometimes I often cry
After you go

Why does it happen to me?
Why am I the one
Why donít you let me be
Go and have your fun.

Why suffer all along?
Why grieve each day thru?
Why does it seem wrong
Yes? Everything we do.

Why donít we just forget
Let bygones be bygones
Act like weíve never met,
Heal our hurts with songs


Two Friends

There are two people fine;
A Mr and Mrs I know,
Iím glad theyíre frenís O mine Ė
Yes Ė Henry and Ruth Matrow.

They are friends indeed;
They are people grand.
And their friends ďin needĒ
Theyíll give a helping hand.

Theyíve been wed twenty years.
And they have one son,
Of course thereís been tears
Mixed in with their fun.

And in all kinds of weather
ďIf Godís will be doneĒ
Let them live together
And always be as one.



Mother nature has spilled
Her paint box again,
The colors have filled
The horizon like rain.

The leaves are like a rainbow,
Theyíre beautiful indeed
As they flutter and flow
Gracefully down to earth



I had one small glimpse of
heaven through an opening
in the sky;

One tiny peek at paradise
to fashion my heartís
dream by.

Perhaps if you had seen
it too, it might have
opened wide & showered
all its blessings through
or let us pass inside...

But you didnít and I guess
I mustnít really mind it
while one can lose a
paradise, there must be
two to find it;

(one & one make two but
two alone make heaven)



I often wonder why it seems
That time and memory flies,
Yet they come back in dreams;
Each time I close my eyes.

Some Iíd like to forget;
Cause they hurt me so.
But why does a regret
Make me feel so low?

The memories that I adore;
Are cheerful and sweet too.
I wish I could have more
For they are all of you.

So let me dream a while
And live in memory, gone;
For each one brings a smile
That lasts till another dawn.


I Have a Different Feeling Today

I have a different feeling today
I find myself lost in thought
My nature has had many moods
One minute Iím sad, next Iím gay
Then I think of what I bought
Yesterday Ė all the rich foods

Maybe these have got me down
Everything seems to disagree
Things that were right seem wrong
Not even a trip to town
Would seem much fun to me
Donít seem to appreciate a song

Now here is the reason why
Iíve cried and my mind has tarried
Wonder why moms are so queer
My son has waved us goodbye
And gone off and got married
And got me a daughter dear.